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    Men’s polo t-shirt in white. The classic white hue always makes your look more expressive and beautiful. This is a classic choice, so the owner of white polo, for sure, has a good sense of taste.
    Sports style in clothing is preferred not only by professional athletes, but also by everyone who leads an active lifestyle, appreciates comfort and practicality. A polo shirt is a good example of stylish and comfortable clothes for every day.
    Polo from the combined material. The fabric is 90% cotton, so it is soft and pleasant to the body, and also has breathable properties. Polyester makes the product easy to care for and practical.

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    A man in a polo shirt is an image of an independent, active, purposeful person with an exceptional sense of taste. It is not necessary to play polo to wear the T-shirt of the same name, although it is ideal for practicing various sports. This is usually golf or tennis, but the choice of activity is always yours.
    A stylish polo shirt fits perfectly with any sweatpants or shorts. It is easy to recognize by the turn-down collar and buttons that are in each model.
    Khaki polo has a straight cut. In front is the brand logo in the form of golden embroidery with the image of a polo player.

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    Unlike a regular sports T-shirt, a polo always has a collar and buttons. Polo T-shirt combines sporty style and classic elements. A man in polo is a successful, independent person with a good sense of taste.
    This model is black with orange buttons and inserts on the collar and sleeves. There is a decorative front embroidery with the image of a polo player. By the way, this logo is familiar to many fans of high-quality sportswear from “For friends”.

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    Stylish men’s polo shirt. The model is made in a delicate milky color, which is a worthy alternative to classic white.
    Polo goes well with pants, jeans, as well as sweatpants and shorts. Such a T-shirt is ideal for casual style, casual, sport chic.
    The model has a straight cut. Stand collar. Fastens with buttons. T-shirt made of 100% cotton. This material is pleasant to the body, safe, soft and elastic.
    Polo shirt will be relevant, both for sports and for every day.


Initially, polo shirts were used by men as part of their sports polo outfit. Since they were distinguished by convenience, emphasized the beauty of the masculine, they began to be used in everyday life. They immediately gained popularity, which they still retain today. High demand among all the male has polo shirts made by the British company For Friends. This is due to their high quality. They have a modern design, because the best designers of the British brand are working on their development. A wide selection of such models is offered by our For Friends online store. Having looked through our convenient catalog, you can easily familiarize yourself with the proposed outfits and their features. This will allow you to choose and buy a For Friends polo shirt that suits your preferences.

Polo shirts For Friends to create a variety of stylish looks

Modern men try to acquire outfits that are practical. That is why they often decide to buy a polo shirt For Friends, which goes well with trousers of different styles. This makes it possible to experiment with images that will allow you to look attractive while walking, traveling, going to work, studying or at various events. Men's t-shirts For Friends have other important features:
  • good air-permeable fabric is used to create them, so they will provide a feeling of freshness even in hot weather;
  • models will remain in excellent condition for a long time even with intensive use, since they do not deform and do not lose color with everyday wear and frequent washing;
  • outfits will be comfortable even with a long stay in them, which is due to the high quality of the material used for sewing, providing a pleasant tactile sensation.
The outfits presented in our catalog are made in various colors. Thanks to this, each visitor will be able to choose the most suitable option. You can buy with us a polo shirt For Friends with delivery , which has a traditional collar, or give preference to models with a stand-up collar.

Buy polo t-shirts For Friends at the Best Price

Men often try to find the opportunity to buy polo shirt For Friends at an attractive and competitive price without extra costs. In our For Friends online store you will be given such an opportunity.  We are the official dealer of the British brand in our country, which gives us the opportunity to sell the goods created by him at a bargain price. We regularly provide substantial discounts, thanks to which your purchases will be as pleasant as possible. On our website you can quickly order a polo shirt For Friends: you will need to determine its size and leave contact information in the application form. One of the most pleasant moments of cooperation with us will be the fast delivery of purchased goods to the specified region of the country.

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