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    The Bead jacket is a stylish effective model that will become reliable protection against the cold during the off-season. An outfit made in plum color goes well with trousers of various styles, so you can constantly experiment, creating beautiful modern looks. The top of the jacket is made of water-repellent high-strength fabric, consisting of 100% polyester. The model has a filler that reliably retains heat inside, protecting against hypothermia in inclement weather. High-strength nylon fabric is used to create the lining of the outfit. The jacket has a double double-sided zipper with dogs decorated with key chains with prints and inscriptions. They serve as an excellent complement to model design. The presence of side pockets with a zipper allows you to protect your hands from the cold at low temperatures and makes it possible to keep small objects with you. There are cuffs with elastic inserts that prevent cold air from entering at the bottom of the jacket and on the sleeves. The model has a high stand-up collar providing reliable protection against wind. Our visitors get a great opportunity to buy a jacket at the best price.

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    Women who want to diversify their wardrobe, we offer a Bead jacket, which will be reliable protection from the cold during the off-season. To create the top of the model made in milk color, a high-quality water-repellent fabric consisting of 100% polyester is used. The filler will reliably retain heat inside, protecting against hypothermia at low external temperatures. The jacket has a durable nylon lining. A free cut outfit does not limit freedom of movement. It has a double-sided zipper, on the dogs of which there are charms with prints and inscriptions. They serve as a spectacular complement to the jacket design. The model has side pockets with zippers that protect your hands from the cold or serve as a place to store gadgets or other small things. At the bottom of the model and on the sleeves there are elastic inserts that prevent the penetration of cold air inside. Reliable protection against wind and weather will be a high stand-up collar. Our visitors are given a great opportunity to buy a jacket at the most attractive price.

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    Complementing your wardrobe with a Ricky waistcoat vest, you can create stylish looks for visiting gyms, jogging or walking. A light gray fitted model fits well with shorts and pants. Originality is given to it by a hood in which there is a contrast lacing. An outfit with a white zipper has cuffs in the shoulder area and at the bottom, thanks to which a comfortable fit is ensured. The presence of two convenient pockets will allow you to keep gadgets or other necessary trifles. To create a vest, a fabric is used, which includes cotton (10%) and polyester (10%). It is possible to buy a vest with us at a favorable price, which will remain in excellent shape even with everyday wear, as it is durable.

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    The Ricky waistcoat vest is designed for men who want to look stylish and feel comfortable even when playing sports. The gray model goes well with t-shirts, turtlenecks, shorts and trousers, so with it you can create spectacular images for walking, jogging, visiting gyms. To create a vest, a fabric of good elasticity is used, which consists of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. The vest has a hood that will provide protection from the wind. It has a black lacing that perfectly complements the design. The model with black zipper has comfortable side pockets. Cuffs in the shoulder area and at the bottom provide a comfortable fit. If you want to replenish your wardrobe with a high-quality stylish outfit, you just need to buy a vest, which we offer at a bargain price.

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    The Ricky waistcoat vest will be a great choice for men who prefer to purchase stylish, high-quality clothing. The outfit goes well with T-shirts, turtlenecks, pants and shorts, which makes it possible to create various images for walking, jogging, visiting gyms. The fitted model of milk color on a black lightning has a hood that effectively complements its design and provides protection from the wind. It has black lacing. The vest has side pockets in which you can keep gadgets or other little things with you. The outfit is made from a fabric consisting of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. We offer a profitable buy a vest that will delight the original look even with everyday wear and frequent washing.

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    A cropped women’s jacket can be combined with pants, shorts, sweatpants, skirts or jeans.
    The jacket has a classic cut, a turn-down collar, fastens with buttons. There are two small pockets for various trifles in front.
    The jacket can be worn buttoned up, or simply thrown over your shoulders on a cool morning. It is very comfortable and light, so you can always bring a cozy jacket with you, going for an evening walk or a date.
    This model is made of 100% cotton, therefore, it is distinguished by good wear resistance, practicality and lightness.

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    This black jacket has already won the hearts of thousands of fashionistas. It is very comfortable, lightweight and practical.
    A black jacket is the easiest to combine with other clothes. The classic black shade is universal, so feel free to wear a jacket over your favorite shirts, polo t-shirts of any color.
    The jacket is shortened, has a classic cut, a turn-down collar. The model is fastened with buttons.
    The jacket is made of 100% cotton. It is very light, but it will warm in the cool morning or evening. The material is practical, soft and pleasant to the body, has breathable properties.

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    A beautiful women’s pink jacket will warm you in the cool morning or evening. This model is very versatile and goes well with trousers, shirts, polos, t-shirts.
    Going for an evening walk? Do not forget your favorite jacket, which will warm and protect against annoying insects.
    The jacket is a little shortened, has a classic turn-down collar, fastens with buttons. The model looks very stylish and beautiful. Delicate pink shade gives the image weightlessness, notes of aristocracy and femininity.

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    Classic women’s double-breasted jacket is the choice of a real lady with a good sense of taste and style. The elongated jacket has a classic cut, so it will perfectly complement your business, stylish image. It can be created a variety of images with it, from a strict office bow to a delicate and romantic style. Combine a jacket with skirts, trousers, jeans, shorts. This is the basic, universal thing in the wardrobe of every girl.
    Classic straight cut allows to make the silhouette of the figure refined and beautiful. A jacket is always elegant and appropriate.
    Juicy crimson color will create stylish images, diluting the strict dress code with bright colors.

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    Leightweight jacket of slim fit, is fastened with 3 buttons. Printed lining, small embroidery on the back.


To look great and feel comfortable at any time of the year, you need to have comfortable and stylish outerwear. A wide selection of models of different styles and for different seasons creates the British brand “For Friends”. The outfits they offer are made taking into account the latest trends in modern fashion and have a beautiful design, so that you will have an attractive look in them. You can profitably buy outerwear For Friends in Ukraine by visiting our online store For Friends. Our products created by the brand are offered in a wide range of models, which allows visitors with different preferences to purchase the most suitable options. We have dresses of various sizes, which will also contribute to the correct choice.

Large selection of outerwear for women and men

If you are used to adding stylish outerwear of the best quality to your wardrobe, models For Friends are created just for you. Their modern design will satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas, as the best designers work on the development of each outfit. The manufacturer has made sure that consumers can choose among the models offered to them options for any time of the year:
  • bombers, cardigans and similar models will provide a sense of comfort in cool weather in the summer;
  • raincoats, vests and other outfits will be excellent options for the off-season period, as they provide protection from cold, wind and precipitation;
  • coats and jackets with insulation will serve as a reliable protection in winter, because they perfectly retain heat inside, protecting against hypothermia at low external temperatures.
It is important for us that visitors to our For Friends online store can choose the options that match their preferences. To achieve this, we offer the help of experienced stylists, to contact whom it is enough to call the phone number specified on the site in the "Contacts" tab. Our experts will carefully listen to your preferences and select the most appropriate models.

Buy outerwear For Friends at the best price

We have made sure that our visitors can profitably buy outerwear For Friends, the price of which is competitive. All the dresses presented in the catalog are supplied to us by the manufacturer, so their cost is very attractive. It is important for us that our customers ' purchases are as pleasant as possible, so we often offer discounts. You can easily order outerwear for Friends with delivery on our site: you only need to leave a request on the site, specifying contact information, or contact our consultants. Ordered products are sent to consumers with rhinestones, so their delivery will please you with efficiency.

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