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    Women’s Grace T-shirt with a fitted cut. The sports classics of these products are made from natural fabric, which contains 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The model is white with a black logo on the back. The shirt has a round neckline and deep armholes in the shoulder area.

  • 34.00  17.00 

    Women’s T-shirt Grace. The material from which the products are sewn consists of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The model has a round neckline and free armholes. There is a white logo For Friends on the back. The classic fit and black T-shirt can be combined with pants and shorts for a stylish sporty look.

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    Women’s T-shirt Grace with a fitted cut. The model is made in a classic sporty style, beige. Fit and flatter. The black logo For Friends is displayed on the back. The tank top is made of a body-friendly material consisting of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

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    Women’s blouse Katherine in a free cut. The model has a gathered short hem at the front and a slightly elongated straight hem at the back. Sleeve design, gives a slim and sophisticated look to the blouse. The composition of the product is completely natural and consists of 50% modal and 50% cotton. A light gray blouse can be a great addition to both a classic and sporty look.

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    Women’s blouse Katherine in a free cut. The white model has a gathered short hem in front and an elongated straight hem at the back. Sleeves of different designs add exclusivity to the blouse. The composition of the product consists of 50% modal and 50% cotton, which will make the model feel pleasant and light.

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    We offer a comfortable fit top for fans of an active lifestyle. In this outfit, you can conduct training and jogging with a feeling of lightness and freedom. In addition to this, you will have a beautiful view even during sports. The model is pleasant for the body, since 100% polyester material, which is of the highest quality, is used to create it. The design of the black top is complemented by a zipper on the front and a pink inscription on the back. To ensure a comfortable fit at the bottom of the top there is an elastic insert. Here you can buy a top at a bargain price and pick up leggings or pants to have a stylish suit for training and visiting gyms.

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    A white women’s tank top is a subject of a basic women’s wardrobe. It is very versatile and practical. You can wear a T-shirt in combination with your favorite jeans or sweatpants; you can throw a light shirt with a short sleeve on top. The shirt is so neutral in its style that it allows you to unleash your imagination and create various combinations.
    This model has a free cut. Shoulder straps of medium width, they are adjacent to the body, do not create discomfort in the sock.
    The material is modern, combined, so the shirt is very easy to care for, it does not crease, it is pleasant to the body.

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    Stylish leopard top with thin straps-just a must have of your summer. The top has a loose fit, straps are adjustable. V-neck emphasizes the chest, allows to visually adjust the figure, making it more elongated and slender.
    You can wear a leopard top with pants, skirts, favorite jeans in a variety of variations. Multi-colored leopard print can be complemented with a bright monochrome jacket or trousers. This season, animal prints are recognized as the most relevant, especially non-standard variations in bright, unusual colors. You can create a lot of interesting, relevant and stylish images.

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    Майка серого цвета, выполненная из мягкого трикотажа. Облягающий крой майки выгодно подчеркивает линию талии, но не перетягивает. Можно использовать как базовую, так и абсолютно самостоятельную вещь в гардеробе.

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    Dark blue sleeveless shirt of soft rib knit. Slim fitted, accentuate figure. Has original straps on the shoulders.

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    T-shirt of milky color, made of soft rib knit. Slim fit of the T-shirt set off the waistline, but does not overtighten. You can use both as everyday and as absolutely independent thing in the wardrobe.

Sleeveless shirts

Not so long ago, sleeveless shirts were considered a purely male outfit that was worn under clothes for greater comfort. Today they are an integral part of women's wardrobe. Such outfits have a different design and style, so they can be used as equipment for training, to create evening looks in combination with skirts or trousers. It is comfortable to take walks and travel in the warm season in sleeveless shirts. They will serve as a great everyday outfit. A large selection of sleeveless shirts is created by the British company For Friends. The brand offers models made in different colors and having a different cut, which expands the possibilities of choice. If you want to buy a sleeveless shirt For Friends  to have a stylish outfit in your wardrobe, you just need to visit our online store. Among the wide range of models presented in our catalog, you are sure to choose the options suitable for you.

Sleeveless shirts For Friends for your maximum comfort

Creating the sleeveless shirts For Friends, the British brand paid special attention to their convenience. For their tailoring, a fabric of good elasticity is used, which in combination with a free cut provides complete freedom of movement. Having decided to buy a  sleeveless shirt For Friends with, you will appreciate its other important features:
  • outfit is created from high-quality fabric that is pleasant for the body, so even with prolonged wear, you can feel comfortable;
  • T-shirts are made of materials that easily let air through, so you can feel freshness in them even in hot weather or high-intensity workouts;
  • models are durable, retain aesthetic properties and are not deformed during everyday wear and frequent washing, so they will remain in excellent shape for a long time.
Our catalog contains traditional T-shirts and tops, which allows women to choose options that match their preferences. We offer models of different sizes, which will also help you choose and buy a T-shirt For Friends , which most suits your preferences.

Buy T-shirts For Friends at a low cost

We understand that our visitors are trying to profitably buy a T-shirt For Friends, the price of which is very attractive. To provide this opportunity, we work closely with a British company, and we receive all the outfits directly from her. This allows us to sell T-shirts and tops at a competitive competitive price. Thanks to the discounts often offered by our online store, our customers' purchases become more enjoyable. We can easily place an order for the purchase of selected models: you will need to indicate their size and leave a request on the site, indicating your contacts. Having decided to order a T-shirt For Friends from us, you can count on its prompt delivery to your specified region of the country.

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